Amazing Places in Bournemouth to enjoy a Dog Walk in Autumn

autumn-brooklands-hotelBournemouth in every season is magical, but autumn is extra special as it marks the transition from summer into winter and our surroundings become vibrant and crisp. Bournemouth is encircled by a variety of nature and crisp air from the nearby coast, providing a tranquil and calm environment. Autumn is the ideal season for long dog walks and as one of the few dog-friendly hotels in Bournemouth, Brooklands Hotel provides the perfect excuse for a weekend away with your dog!

The leaves of the trees begin to change from green to red, orange and yellow and our native oak, ash, silver birch, alder, hazen and rowen become even more beautiful. The beach isn’t awash with people, leaving it as the perfect playground for dogs to play and dip their paws into the cold sea and have a lot of fun! As a dog friendly hotel in Bournemouth, we love our furry friends and recommend the following for a great day out in Autumn:

Slades Farm Doggy Play Patch

Slades Farm in Bournemouth, located just off Winton high street is a great open space created just for canines! It’s securely fenced so you can let them off the lead and roam with their new doggie friends, or use the agility equipment as a motivator to finally train them! Book a night at a Bournemouth B&B like Brooklands Hotel and get out and active with your dog for the day, then relax and wake up to a delicious breakfast in the morning.

Bournemouth Tree Trail

The Bournemouth Tree Trail map signifies every type of tree you would encounter along the gardens and is the perfect walk for tree lovers and dog lovers alike. Learn about the history of the gardens as well as the war memorial and pergola along your walk, whilst your pup takes in the delicious smells of their surroundings. Locals would recommend the tree trail as one of the best things to do in Bournemouth as the history is so abundant.

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