Give Your Dog a Christmas a Christmas To Remember

Whether it’s the frantic present unwrapping, first smell of turkey, or excuse to have one more sherry, everyone knows Christmas is the most magical time of year. But there’s always one family member who’s overlooked at Christmas; your dog. Whether your dog has morning walks along the beach, this year’s ‘must-have’ chew toy, or his very own Christmas dinner on his list to Santa, Brooklands dog friendly hotel in Bournemouth is perfect for those looking to celebrate Christmas with their furry friend. So how can you make this Christmas in Bournemouth one to remember for you and your dog?

  1. Ensure you’re up for morning ‘walkies’bournemouth-bech-sunset

For the early-risers amongst you, why not swap the warmth of your cosy Brooklands hotel bed and greet the sunrise as it creeps over the horizon and paints the sea gold? Whether it’s taking your dog for a walk (or the other way around), our Bournemouth hotel is situated 5 minutes away from the award-winning Bournemouth beach, making our dog friendly hotel in Bournemouth perfect for treating your pup to a morning gallop across the sands of their dreams.

  1. Don’t forget puppy presents!

If a relaxing winter morning wrapped amongst the covers is more your thing, there are still plenty of ways to make your dog feel loved this Christmas. Here at Brooklands Hotel, we believe a trip to our dog friendly hotel in Bournemouth wouldn’t be complete without your dog’s very own gifts to tear open this Christmas. So why not treat your dog to one of our suggested doggy gifts to open in our Bournemouth hotel? (no matter how good or bad they’ve been this year!)


This edible Christmas calendar is perfect for your dog to wake up to in our dog friendly, Bournemouth hotel.


For those looking for accommodation in Bournemouth nearer to the 25th, this rawhide doggy Christmas pudding will certainly stop your canine companion hovering at the dinner table this year!


For a gift lasting more than a few chomps, why not extend your lie-in a few moments longer in our Bournemouth hotel by keeping your pup quiet with this treat?

For those looking for accommodation in Bournemouth without a furry friend, Brooklands dog friendly hotel in Bournemouth is still perfect for your festive getaway. With Brooklands B&B hotel located near Bournemouth’s international centre and only a short walk from Bournemouth’s Christmas market, snuggling up in a Brooklands B&B hotel bed is the perfect way to spend this Christmas in Bournemouth. Book now by calling 01202 552887 or email