The Best British Seaside Traditions

A trip to the seaside is always a great time for the people of Britain. It’s not often hot here, so when it is we take the opportunity to get out and enjoy it, and what better place is there to do that than at the beach? Let’s analyse some of our favourite British traditions we partake in when we visit the seaside.

Fish & Chips

First and foremost, this has to be one of the most iconic British traditions of all. What is it about being sat on the sand and picking away at a box of fish & chips wrapped in newspaper?

Enjoying the Pier

Many beaches in Britain such as Blackpool and Bournemouth feature a pier and attractions. These activities such as Bournemouth pier’s zip wire and Blackpool’s theme park provide a whole load of extra things to do during an outing to the seaside. Fortunately, there’s Brooklands bed & breakfast in Bournemouth a 5-minute stroll from the beach if you wanted to visit for the weekend!


Who would have thought that just a bucket and spade could provide such endless fun? Building sandcastles never quite gets old does it? Even the dog likes to get involved! After a hard day of sandcastle-building fun, you could even relax in a room with your pup at our dog friendly hotel in Bournemouth.

Barely Going in the Water

Let’s face it, even on the sunniest day, the waves that crash against Britain’s beaches will always be cold. Many beach visitors are reluctant to even touch the water! Perhaps somebody should get them a wetsuit.

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